Posted by: mcjangles | June 27, 2011

June 25-26

Wayne and Jim conduct an air share drill for a technical training dive inside the ALGOL

Saturday we headed to the ALGOL (130 fsw) with a group from the Scuba Connection.  Had 15-20 feet of vis down to about main deck level, 10 or so feet on the bottom.  Didn’t get a temp but I’d guess around 50, not bad at all.  Schools of big cod roaming the decks when I got far enough away from the bubble blowers (will post video and photos from ALGOL later).  Big black fish spotted as well.  Bottom was literally covered in winter flounder and skates.  Got down there and it was kind of creepy the number of sparkly eyes reflecting back my light in the darkness.

Sunday we headed to the MAURICE TRACY (70 fsw) with RJs group from Treasure Cove.  Very nice… viz 30+ and bright on the bottom.  TONS of fish, particularly BIG sea bass all over the wreck especially on the smaller pieces away from the main wreckage.  Lots boated.

All in all a great weekend at sea!

Video from the MAURICE TRACY:


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