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U869 Mosaic

U869Composite image of the German submarine U-869 (click to view full size)

A long time ago I decided I wanted to to create a composite image of the German submarine U-869.  This is probably the most famous wreck off the coast of New Jersey due to the attention received by the best selling book Shadow Divers and the NOVA documentary Hitler’s Lost Sub.  The wreck is far offshore (50+ nm), in kind of deep water (220 fsw) and sits in a depression in the sea bed causing the conditions on the wreck to be highly variable in terms of visibility.  On top of that it is always cold (low 40s F) on the bottom even in the middle of summer.  Bottom line… if I was going to be successful I would need practice.

Submarines lend themselves well to creating composite images because they are, well, just a long tube sitting on the bottom.  Their linear nature  and (usually) low profile makes it relatively easy to “walk” a tripod down the length of the wreck while maintaining a constant distance in order to not mess up the perspective from shot to shot.  For my first attempt I practiced in warm water and good visibility on the USS TARPON off Cape Hatteras.  You can read that story here.

From there I progressed to a little deeper, a little colder, and a lot less visibility and managed to photograph the US submarine USS S-5 off Cape May, NJ.  Feeling more confident I progressed to a larger more complex target (albeit shallower), in the USS ALGOL.  The ALGOL is an ex transport vessel is ~450 feet long and I felt if I could get her in a reasonable bottom time I was ready for showtime on the U-869.  That was 5 years ago.

Sometimes plans take a while to come together and last week  I was able to complete my long term goal of photographing the entire U-869 as she sits today.  The deterioration of the wreck is evident with much of the outer hull completely peeled away.  The forward torpedo tubes are completely exposed and beginning to fall away from the wreck.  The debris field of the blasted open control room continues to expand.  The stern section appears like a peeled open can of sardines.  Damage most likely inflicted by the trawl fisherman who continue to dredge a little too close in search of the scallops that litter the seabed around her.  She has past the point of aging gracefully and is getting old.  The sea giveth and the sea taketh away.  i just feel fortunate to be a witness to this transformation

Independence sitting over the wreck of U-869

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USS NJ bell

Bell of the USS NEW JERSEY (BB-16)

Bell of the USS NEW JERSEY (BB-16)

On a recent trip to MA to do some winter wreck diving aboard the GAUNTLET, we (myself and Blaquaman) went on a scavenger hunt on the way home to find the bell of the USS NEW JERSEY (BB-16).  This once mighty ship served as a proud symbol of American Naval might in Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet which was put on display to the world.  The USS NJ would later be put to rest in another display of a new American military capability that would change the course of warfare in the 20th century when she was sunk on September 5, 1923 by bombs dropped from a Martin bomber in testing conducted off the coast of Cape Hatteras, NC by Brigadier General Billy Mitchell.


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Hatteras May 23-26

Had a great Memorial Day weekend down in Hatteras diving off the UNDER PRESSURE.

Sue photographing a sand tiger shark on the wreck of the DIXIE ARROW

Sue photographing a sand tiger shark on the wreck of the DIXIE ARROW

Sue checks out a large turtle skull on the wreck of the LANCING

Sue checks out a large turtle skull on the wreck of the LANCING

Goliath grouper on the wreck of the DIXIE ARROW

Goliath grouper on the wreck of the DIXIE ARROW

Prop of the LANCING

Prop of the LANCING

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MA April 12/13


Got in 2days of wreck diving off the GAUNTLET out of Beverly, MA back in April.  Dove the ALMA HOLMES and the ROMANCE…

Blaquaman catches a small lobster on the HOLMES

Blaquaman catches a small lobster on the HOLMES


crab on the ROMANCE

Crab on the ROMANCE

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Large format canvas prints available!

Large format 24×36 canvases came and they look great! If anyone is interested in some new wall art these are available for sale or if you would like your favorite photo I will be placing another order soon and I can deliver at Beneath the Sea or the Scuba Connection in NJ on 4/5.  Let me know ASAP


IMG_1041  IMG_1042 IMG_1043

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Quick update

Have been pretty lazy with site updates… November was a busy month with a cave diving trip to Mexico and a quick couple days of cave diving in Florida.  Hope to add more photos/updates over the winter as I get through my backlog (Ireland wreck diving photos for instance).  In the meantime here is a shot from Madison Blue Springs in Florida and 1 from Cenote Pet Cemetery in Mexico…


Madison Blue

Cenote Pet Cemetery (Dark Side of the Moon area)

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Snuck out to the U-869 yesterday (8/12/13) aboard the Independence II. The U-869 was a German submarine lost in the final days of WWII with all hands (56 men) in 1945 off the coast of New Jersey in 220 fsw. Had a beautiful day on the water with glassy calm seas and a great dive.  More photos to come…

Sean Martini checks out the starboard anchor on the U-869

Sean Martini checks out the starboard anchor on the U-869


Blaquaman boards the Independence II after a great dive on U-869


Inside the engine room of U-869… note the vise on the table in lower right below Sean’s hand and the main induction valves in the top of the image. These would be opened to allow air in to run the diesel engines on the surface and closed when submerged.

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“Why do they call it the Mud Hole?”

Often get asked “why do they call it the Mud Hole?”  If a picture is worth a thousand words a video should be worth, well… more?  GoPro video from a dive to the sunken freighter  CHOAPA (200 fsw) on 7/30/2013 off the Independence II.


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Video from this past Sunday’s dive to the wreck of the torpedoed freighter MANUELA  aboard the dive vessel Under Pressure out of Hatteras, NC…

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War of 1812

This weekend is the bicentennial of the British attack on Havre de Grace, MD in the War of 1812.  The town is having a major reenactment this weekend and to kick things off the tall ship SULTANA sailed into town today…


SULTANA arrives in Havre de Grace

SULTANA arrives in Havre de Grace


SULTANA arrives in Havre de Grace


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