Friends One of the largest dive shops on the East Coast, particularly for tech gear Independence II, New Jersey dive boat for technical diving

Dive boats – Get out and dive!!

Tuna Seazure –  6 pack dive boat currently running out of Brielle, NJ

Independence II – Premier NJ technical dive boat out of Pt Pleasant, NJ

Under Pressure – VA Beach and Cape Hatteras, also check site for entertaining/educational stories

Sea Turtle – Montauk, NY

Gauntlet – Salem, MA


U/W Photography – Inspirations and Resources Leigh Bishop’s shipwreck photography Brad Sheard’s shipwreck photography

Christina Young – Photos of deep NJ/NY wrecks Articles, info, and useful forums

Other blogs Jill Heinerth’s rebreather resource Rob is based in NJ but dives all over Venture into the caves of Mexico with an ex-NJ wreck diver


MISC – The most comprehensive site on diving in New Jersey out there – AUE

AWOIS – NOAA’s hang/obstruction database

Dan Berg’s Shipwreck Expo or go right to the NJ/NY section


  1. Brandon,

    Who took that picture of the John Marvin? Can I have a copy of it to post on my websitess main page? Its a nice shot! Let me know.


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