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Back at sea


Anemone on the wreck of the STOLT DAGALI

Well it has been a long time but finally managed to get back into the Atlantic this past Saturday for the Independence II’s first trip of the season.  Headed out to the STOLT DAGALI in flat seas which was a welcome treat for my legs which have grown a little too accustomed to landlubbing as of late.  Visibility on the wreck ranged from 10-20 feet and temperature readings of 43-45F were reported.  Nice to get back in the water and get the 2013 season going!


Igor Kotov hunting along the bottom of the STOLT DAGALI

Posted by: mcjangles | February 11, 2013

NJ wreck diving posters

New Jersey wreck diving posters hot off the presses! 24×36″ – $12 each or 2 for 20, hit me up at the Tom’s River scuba flea market this weekend!



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Canvas preview

Looking for some new underwater home decor?  You are in luck because I have a limited run of some awesome gallery wrap canvas prints hot off the presses!  These 16×24″ canvasses are professionally printed and stretched around a 1.5″ frame and come ready to hang for $150.

These photos don’t really do them justice so I’d recommend checking them out in person… I will be at the Tom’s River SCUBA flea market next Sunday 2/17 at the Independence table.  On 3/2 I will be presenting photos on New Jersey wreck diving at the Scuba Connection in Hillsborough, NJ.  Capt. Dan Bartone will also be on hand to present some artifacts and to discuss New Jersey wreck diving, should be a fun event!  And finally, they can be purchased and picked up at Beneath the Sea 3/22-23.  I can be reached at or on Facebook.

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Jackson Blue video from December now up…

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Photo from the massive cavern zone at Emerald Sink near Tallahassee, FL…

Emerald Sink

Emerald Sink

Posted by: mcjangles | December 1, 2012

Troy Springs State Park


Troy Springs State Park sits in an idyllic setting on the banks of the Suwannee River near Branford, FL.  The spring has a beautiful cavern that is pretty much an open water site with depths to ~60 feet. At the end of the spring run are the remains of the Civil War era steamship MADISON.  Cavern dive and wreck in 1!


Posted by: mcjangles | November 19, 2012

Mexico preview

A couple shots from my recent trip to Mexico before I leave on another trip… will add more at some point in the future…

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A couple shots from Florida cave country from last weekend…



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Posted by: mcjangles | August 28, 2012

STOLT photos from 8/25

A barracuda (unusual in NJ) cruises the top of the STOLT DAGALI with the dive boat Independence on the surface in the background – awesome visibility!

Posted by: mcjangles | August 26, 2012

STOLT video dive report

Video dive report for Independence II trip to the STOLT DAGALI (130 fsw) on August 25th, 2012. Includes sighting of a barracuda which is a rare occurrence in NJ waters.

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