Posted by: mcjangles | July 8, 2007

Kendall’s Open Water class

Kendall Bedford has long been a valuable asset to our dive team. Although until now she has been too young to actually dive she has been a real trooper in providing surface support… not many other 11 year old girls would carry stage bottles through snow and ice to the water for us on training dives in January… Well now she is 12 and her diving career has begun. I was fortunate to attend her first day of open water checkout dives on July 7, 2007. Until I get her report, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

1st descent

Landing on the platform


Danny demos reg recovery

Kendall does reg recovery
Mask clearing

2 generations of Bedford divers

Dutch Springs new firetruck driver

Bill feeds the fish

Kendall and Danny look for crayfish

Kendall checks out the van

Some weightbelt issues

Ascent after a successful first dive


  1. hey luv dda pics

  2. Having just completed my open water cert this past September as well as diving at Dutch Springs, I must say I really enjoyed your photo essay! Well done. BTW the water temp @ 76 ft today was 50 degrees and I loved it! Keep Diving!

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