Posted by: mcjangles | April 12, 2008

Salt for your wounds

Ah, the taste of salt. Today was the return of the Tuna Seazure from her winter hibernation. We headed out bright and early and made a stop at the Great Bay “raw bar” on the way out to the Kennebec for some fresh clams on the halfshell (don’t ask). Seas were quite nice but there was a persistent fog for most of the day. On the wreck we had sub par conditions with 1-2 feet of what could be called poop soup visibility at ~70fsw. Add in a decent surge and it made for a challenging dive. Nevertheless, everyone still made lemonade and clocked in bottom times in the hour range, and the temperature was actually a comfortable 46oF which seems warm for this time of year but who’s complaining. One toddler lobster was boated and returned to the sea by an unnamed gentleman who also called the visibility 15-20’ so if nothing else we learned who’s judgment is suspect. Not the best day, but sure beat working, and most importantly kicked off what should be another outstanding dive season.

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