Posted by: mcjangles | April 21, 2008


Today the Independence II braved the seas and after a democrat vote of the 9 customers on board, the decision was made to change the intended destination of the further offshore Tolten to the Delaware so there would be a greater chance of getting in 2 dives.

Seas were a manageable 2-4 foot on the short ride to the wreck and we ended up tied in on top of the engine at about 65 fsw (sand at ~75 fsw). Visibility was on the poor side in the range of 5′. About half the crowd got in two dives while the other half were content getting wet with one long early season dive. A total of 3 keeper lobster were boated along with a couple decent ling. We cut loose just as the forecasted winds were beginning to pick up and Capt Dan eased her back into the dock around 1:00 making for a nice short day.


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