Posted by: mcjangles | April 29, 2008

Gear review: Aqualung technisub micromask

Let’s face it I have a problem when it comes to diving. Part of that problem is having to try every new piece of gear that comes along. After staring at these sweet looking little masks in the shop for a while now I finally caved and picked one up this past Saturday and tried it on Sunday’s dive (see Tug report below).

I will jump right into the cons of the mask… There were 2 reasons for my delay in picking one of these up: 1. This tiny mask makes up for its physical disposition with its relatively high retail price ($99.99), and 2. I had noticed at Bainbridge on JC’s that the strap buckles connect with kind of cheap (especially considering the price) buckles (see pic below) the type of which I had broken on a Poseidon mask.

The good: This mask is pretty awesome. It’s very small and with the lenses very close to your eyes the field of vision is pretty amazing. The skirt is also a nice soft silicone and is probably the most comfortable mask I have ever tried. Additionally for you rebreather folks equalizing and clearing the mask takes virtually no gas and venting gas through my nose was as smooth as if breathing on land.

Overall I am very pleased and will be using this mask as my primary from now on, but will be keeping my fingers crossed on the durability of the buckles.

Micromask (top) and my trusty old Seadive mask (bottom) for size comparison
Close up of buckle with plastic “knob” that I sheared off on my Poseidon mask

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