Posted by: mcjangles | June 16, 2008

RP Resor

Made it out to the Resor on the Independence II today in glassy flat seas. The conditions were spectacular with over 50 feet of visibility near the surface and 30-40 feet on the wreck. We were tied in at the very stern adjacent to the deck gun which is still holding strong to its mount after 66 years of being submerged on its side. Temperature on the bottom at 120 fsw was 46F with the surface water much warmer in the neighborhood of 60 degrees. I splashed amidst a pile of scallop guts as Jim and crew were busy shucking away at their harvest from dive 1. I was trying out my new camera set up and was very pleased with the results for my first crack at it and with no strobes. At the end of the day it was smiles all around and the cooler was packed to the brim with scallops, lobsters, and a trigger fish that learned the hard way that lingering around the boat ladder is a bad idea.

I took this at my 50 foot stop
Capt Dan and Capt Frankie at 20 feet


  1. Thanks for your help on Sunday, great dives and great pics!


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