Posted by: mcjangles | July 7, 2008

Stolt Dagali

Dan Martinez inside the engine room of the STOLT DAGALI

Made it out to the STOLT DAGALI today and got a chance to play with my strobes. Despite the flat seas we were forced to proceed at a reduced pace due to some heavy fog. The Independence II steamed on and we made it in decent enough time. The STOLT is one of the areas best dives and offers a little of something for everyone. Bill tied us in nice and high on the top of the wreck around 60 fsw. The first time Jersey divers on board were spoiled by the flat seas, lack of current, and great visibility which was at least 40 feet on top of the wreck but dropped down to around 15 feet or so near the bottom at 130 fsw. I headed down to the sand to play with my exposure settings before taking a tour along the sand. I gradually worked my way up and came across Danny who was entering the engine room area. Anxious to have a model and test the power of my strobes in the inky darkness of the cavernous engine room, I followed suit. I think Dan was annoyed with the blinding flashes because he didn’t waste much time disappearing out of sight into a hatch going deeper into the recesses of the tanker. All too soon it was time to head outwards and upwards.

Top of the wreck looking forward
Entering the engine room
The engine

Heading up


  1. Great photos! Your post fired my nostalgia and prompted a quick post over on about wreck diving.

    I do really miss wreck diving. Diving in Jersey is super challenging and a ton of fun. Next time you see Dan B, Louis or Rob, let em know Hans says, ‘Hi’. We are keeping it real down here in MX.


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