Posted by: mcjangles | November 9, 2008



Dove the GULF TRADE (90 fsw) today off the Independence II.  This was my first time on this wreck which is actually the stern section of the 430 foot long tanker that fell victim to U-boat attack in the second World War.  The bow section rests 10 miles away in 60 feet of water.

The visibility was a quite nice 25 feet, and the water in the mid 50s.  I tied my reel off but ended up changing my mind and leaving it, the conditions were so nice.  The wreck still rises about 20 feet off the bottom and has some decent penetration oppurunities which is usually rare on these inshore wrecks.  One lobster was boated by Alek and Rich Galiano of fame bagged a very nice blackfish with his new gun.



  1. I got one keeper bug on the second dive. It was a legal cricket.

  2. You must have read the wrong post?? 😉

  3. Read the right post. The bug was to small to be seen.

    If it had been litterly half a millimeter shorter I couldn’t have taken it.

  4. Bam, your photos are sick!!!
    Cool hats off to you..

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