Posted by: mcjangles | November 16, 2008

Kent Island, MD (Oyster diving)


Saturday, I got a chance to dive for something I have been neglecting this year since I’ve been focusing on photography… food!!  I love oysters and when the chance to get some myself came up, I jumped on it.  The boat was the L & L Liquors out of Kent Island, MD.  It poured the whole early morning drive down but let up just as I pulled into the marina just before 0700 with the skies still quite overcast.  After gearing up in my van we loaded the boat and after a 30 minute boat ride we were anchored into a natural oyster bar in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay.   The water depth was 11-13 feet and the dive plan was simple: fill your bag until it’s unmanageable, bring it to the boat for emptying, and repeat!  Visibility varied from 6 inches to 2 feet and it was fun crawling around on the “shell” for 90 minutes collecting my dinner.  The boat ride in was spent enjoying the spoils of the day.  I must say I haven’t tasted anything quite so good as oysters straight from the sea!  At the end of the day I left with a bushel of oysters and an unique experience that if you enjoy diving and fresh seafood I would highly recommend trying.



  1. I have never had oysters actually!
    THe diving must have been fun

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