Posted by: mcjangles | December 9, 2008

Salem, MA report



December 6-7, 2008

This past weekend I headed North with Bedford to hit some wrecks around Massachusetts Bay and do some diving off the Gauntlet. Saturday we dove the 4 masted schooner ALMA EA HOLMES in 160 fsw, and Sunday we hit the stern section of the CHESTER A POLING in 90 fsw. Two completely different and cool wrecks along with good conditions made for a great weekend of diving. For more info on the wrecks click the links to go to the NADE pages.

Saturday was flat like glass and we had 15-20 feet of dark vis on the HOLMES.  Sunday the weather changed and we were diving in the snow, but had good conditions on the bottom.  Both days the water temp was 45F top to bottom.  I hope to get back up this winter.




CHESTER A POLING (stern) gallery

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