Posted by: mcjangles | March 31, 2009

AUE is getting a boat sale!


Passing this along from Mike Barnette… if you don’t have the Florida shipwreck books they are excellent and this is a great chance to pick them up CHEAP!

From Mike:

After being on the fence for several years, I have finally pulled the trigger on a new boat to enable us to pursue some very exciting projects in the near future.  As many of you know, boats siphon money out of your pocket faster than a stripper at 3AM (or so I have been told).  With the boat’s pending arrival, I need to make some space in the garage, as well as raise some funds to outfit her with some desired electronics.  So, if you have enjoyed the numerous trip reports, images, and information offered on the AUE website over the past 12 years, perhaps you will consider offering a modest donation in return for some goodies:

For $11, get a copy of Shipwrecks of the Sunshine State (2003 book) delivered – shipping/handling included!
For $21, get a copy of Shipwrecks of the Sunshine State (2003 book) and Florida’s Shipwrecks (2008 book) – shipping and handling included!

Should you want to be generous and offer a bigger donation, we highly encourage it!  🙂
In return, we have plenty of goodies such as AUE t-shirts, stickers, or other items (porthole, perhaps?) that can be thrown in to show our gratitude for your support.

Funds can be sent via Paypal ( or check (snail mail address can be found on the AUE website); be sure to include your address and any associated notation.

The AUE telethon will run through the month of April or until I liquidate my book supply, whichever comes first.  After that, its time to hit the water in pursuit of some awesome shipwreck projects.

Please pass this on to your fellow divers and help the cause!


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