Posted by: mcjangles | April 19, 2009

Weekend update


Hit Dutch with Frankie Saturday where he was testing out his new “Fronco-vision” Hero camera. It’s a pretty cool tiny little camera that he has mounted to his head.  I got a preview of some of the footage he shot today on the TOLTEN and can say I was pretty impressed for something in this small of a package that you just turn on and go.  I should be able to get a clip up this week so stay tuned.


The TOLTEN today was a good dive, especially considering reports from Long Island down to Manasquan were reporting close to zero vis on saturday.  I tied in with Steve and was glad to find a nice 15-20 feet of bright viz on the bottom at 95 feet.  Temperature was in the low 40s and I had took some time poking about which I haven’t done in a while since I’ve been dragging the camera on almost every dive.  I even pulled a lobster out of a hole but it was too small like most of the others spotted.  However, a couple keepers were rescued by better hunters from the chilly water.  I thought about splashing for a second dive but was having fun snapping surface shots and decided one was enough.

Surface shots from the TOLTEN

Dutch Springs – April 18th

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