Posted by: mcjangles | June 10, 2009

Florida pics part 1 of (?)


Time seems to be a scarce commodity for me these days so instead of waiting to go through the hundreds of images I took last week in Florida I am going to just start throwing some up as I go.  Starting with these nighttime shots of the newly sunk VANDENBERG.

Long story short… I did a 5 day wreck diving adventure aboard the M/V SPREE led by Mike Barnette hitting some of the deeper wrecks in the Dry Tortugas and around Key West.  Had an absolutely fantastic time, with warm water, good vis, and lots of sea life.  Oh yeah some pretty spectacular wrecks as well.  We hit the RHEIN, ARABY MAID, U-2513, a shrimp boat, the USS WILKES BARRE, the VANDENBERG, and the USS CURB.

After a full day (2 dives) on the WILKES we motored over to moor on the VANDENBERG overnight and had the option of doing a night dive.  Most folks opted out, but I figured I was here, I was going to dive.  Did a quick dip with Mike assisting with lighting and got some pretty nice results.  No current to speak of, but lots of squid and a single barracuda on the wreck.


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