Posted by: mcjangles | June 14, 2009



After a week of diving in Florida there’s nothing like getting back to the cool refreshment of New Jersey wreck diving!  Had great conditions on the RP RESOR today off the Independence.  Did a double take on my gauges heading down the shot line as I hit the top of the wreckage around 80 fsw as I always forget that the stern section rises that high off the bottom (125 fsw).  Visibility was a nice 30-40 feet, but a little dark from the overcast skies above.

After spotting a single scallop right off the bat, I decided to commit the dive to finding some more of the tasty little critters.  The 44F temperature on the bottom was cool enough to keep me moving for warmth and I covered a lot of ground…. I didn’t come up empty handed but after 40 minutes scouring the bottom and only having 6 or 7 in the bag it sure felt like it.  Oh well, it was enough for a delicious sashimi lunch.

Several nice bugs made their way to the cooler along with a couple more scallops.  A great day on one of Jersey’s best wrecks.


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