Posted by: mcjangles | September 25, 2009

A good day on the GULF TRADE

gulftradeA little late on this but had a great day on and under the Atlantic last Sunday (9/20) on the stern section of the torpedoed tanker GULF TRADE (90 fsw). Warm water and a very nice 25 feet of vis and flat seas were had. I left the camera behind to do some hunting. I was rewarded with a nice cod, a big seabass, a lobster, and a triggerfish. First time I had triggerfish and it was delicious. Usually only see them late in the season (which is now) when the warmer water brings them in. Good sized ones were pretty thick on the wreck but very cautious and difficult to approach. Also had some first time New Jersey divers on board in Ernie Rookey’s AOW class and they couldn’t have picked a better day for it.


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