Posted by: mcjangles | April 11, 2010

It’s about time

Well I finally got my ass back in the water. Not much to report as it was a simple dip at Dutch Springs to try out some of the new toys I’ve accumulated over the slow winter and make sure I still know how to use my rebreather and camera. Surprisingly everything went perfectly in the 60 minutes we spent in the 43 degree water.

Freshly serviced regs – solid (Thanks John!)
New computer – sweet
New drysuit – awesome
New dry gloves – awesomer

All systems go and now it’s off to the races. Barring any silly weather patterns it should be an great summer. Off to Montauk next weekend!


  1. which dry gloves are you using? are you diving with chuck on sunday?

  2. I got the Si-Tech Glove Lock, they are sweet. Yes Sea Turtle on Sunday.

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