Posted by: mcjangles | May 16, 2010


The ARUNDO (130 fsw) is a wreck divers dream… A huge freighter (412′), torpedoed in WWII with a full cargo a war supplies bound for Africa including 2 locomotives, numerous trucks and 5000 cases of beer in 1 quart bottles.

Today the seas were calm but it started out a little overcast with a slight drizzle on the way out to the wreck on the Independence II.  I splashed with the shot line and was surprised to find bluish water with a nice 40 feet or so of vis near the surface.  Below about 60 feet the temperature dropped and with it the visibility.  It wasn’t too bad on the bottom with a decent 15 feet of visibility if you stayed high off the wreck which seemed to dust up very easily and with little to no current it took a while to clear.  I came across some of the holds full of the remains of the trucks destined for war that were prematurely relieved of duty.  I also found a hold full of the clear 1 quart beer bottles and after sifting through lots of broken ones bagged an intact specimen as a souvenir.

Not many fish were spotted, but a few dozen scallops were bagged up by some persistent hunters.  By the time everyone finished the first dive the skies began to open up and the sun poked through turning it into a really nice day.

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