Posted by: mcjangles | June 24, 2010


Went 6 for 6 on diving days this past week diving aboard the Under Pressure out of Hatteras, NC, including 3 days on the Civil War ironclad USS MONITOR!  If you are familiar with NC diving you know this is quite rare and I am beat!  Here is a quick preview until I get more time for a proper report and go through the rest of my pics.  It was a bit challenging shooting photos with unusually poor visibility for Hatteras with 5-20 feet, until the last day on the MONITOR which improved to around 35 feet (and 1 of my strobes crapping out didn’t help).  Dove the MANUELA, PROTEUS, TAMAULIPAS, DIXIE ARROW, LANCING, and the USS MONITOR.

Kristine by the armor belt of the civil war ironclad USS MONITOR (230 fsw)

Anemone on the USS MONITOR (230 fsw)

Prop of the LANCING (160 fsw)

Sand tiger shark on the PROTEUS (120 fsw)

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