Posted by: mcjangles | August 29, 2010


Saturday the Independence headed to the USS SAN DIEGO.  Conditions were about as good as they get… flat seas, 69 degrees on the wreck, and 25-30 feet of bright visibility.  Guess hurricane Danielle did us some good!

The SAN DIEGO is an awesome dive.  We were tied into the tip of the turtled bow.  You land on the keel at ~60 and you can choose your own adventure from there.  Head down to the sand (110 fsw) for lobsters, explore the outside of the (huge) hull, hunt some of the big blackfish munching mussels on top of the wreck,  or venture inside.  With tons of penetration opportunities due to the continued deterioration of the wreck I don’t see how diving the SAN DIEGO could ever get old!

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