Posted by: mcjangles | October 24, 2010

Here’s the ALGOL

Last Sunday (10/17) the Independence headed out to the ALGOL. Seas were a little choppy but manageable. Lot of new faces on the boat, and after getting everyone geared up and in the water I set out to photograph all 459′ of the ex-USS ALGOL. Conditions were decent with about 30′ of visibility, and water temp close to 60F. I started at the bow, and swam out 10 feet off the starboard side of the wreck and leveled out at 100 feet (main deck level) in mid-water 40 feet off the bottom and swam into the current snapping pictures until I got to the stern. I present to you the largest artificial reef off NJ (at least for another month or so when they sink the RADFORD), the USS ALGOL…

(Click image to go to large version)


  1. nice stitch job on the wreck, that had to be difficult to set up!

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