Posted by: mcjangles | August 31, 2011

5 minute tour of the ALGOL

New video up… A quick 5 minute ambient light tour of the (ex) USS ALGOL (AKA-54). Wreck diving off New Jersey on June 25th, 2011 aboard the Independence II (


  1. awesome video as always. Quick qustion about the fish, I see the cod and what is the fish with the tuna like tail.

  2. Thanks Jeff! Not sure what fish you are talking about? What time in the video?

    • 14 seconds in 1 passes by pretty quick, also between 1 min 39 sec and 1 min 55 sec and again at 3 min 38 sec. Maybe I’m crazy and they are cod

      • Yep, those are cod.

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