Posted by: mcjangles | October 3, 2011


Bill Bedford by one of the RP RESOR’s anchors

Snuck out last Friday (9/30) to the R.P. RESOR (130 fsw) aboard the Gypsy Blood.  The RESOR was a Standard Oil tanker that fell victim to U-boat aggression (U-578) off the coast of New Jersey in 1942.  Due to her large size, and distance from shore, the RESOR is one of the best lobster and scallop wrecks off NJ.  Friday did not disappoint, and all divers bagged up on scallops and lobsters.  Coupled with the 30 feet of vis and 60ish degree water on the bottom it was an awesome dive!


  1. Great photos, did you shoot any video?

  2. Was too dark for video, I don’t have video lights

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