Posted by: mcjangles | October 23, 2011


NOAA was calling for 10 knot winds for the weekend so it was looking like we had a good chance of getting offshore Virginia Beach to dive the subs of the Billy Mitchell fleet on the Under Pressure.  However 20 miles out (not even half way there) it was obvious the weatherman was wrong with 20-25 knot winds blowing spray across the bow.  Capt JT made the call to head to the WWII Liberty ship JOHN MORGAN (105 fsw) instead.  In the morning the wind was still whipping and we decided to sneak in one dive and head in.  Nice conditions on the wreck with plenty of ambient light and warm 60 degree water.  Visibility was not that great maybe 15-20 feet.  I was first down and was greeted by a curious group of 5 massive black drum which came cruising over the tank we were hooked into to check me out.  It was pretty awesome and of course they were gone by the time I had the camera setup.  Overall a pretty nice dive and it was good just to get in the water which can be tough this time of year.

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