Posted by: mcjangles | July 17, 2012

BALAENA video dive report

Video dive report from this past Sunday’s dive aboard the Independence II ( to the wreck of the BALAENA in the Mud Hole (150 fsw) off the coast of New Jersey.  Conditions were great for the Mud Hole with 15-20 feet of visibility and lots of ambient light. Temperature was 46F on the bottom and toasty in the 70s for the hang.  Not the greatest video, but definitely gives you a feel for this large wooden wreck.


  1. Captured the dive well. I cried.-Jr. Bump

  2. Steve Miller, haven’t heard that in a while. Great Vid. George Hoffman had a pic of the first Baleana dive. Everyone got a deadeye. They were very large deadeyes!

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