OCEAN VENTURE – 160 fsw off Virginia Beach, VA

Sunk February 8th, 1942




October 9th, 2010

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October 5th, 2008


  1. My uncle died on this vessel, his name was John Lunt from Liverpool,England.

    • I suspect m father- in- law Ernest J Lord was a junior engineer on this vessel, from the story he told me in the 60s they were torpedoed and was in the sea for over an hour before being picked up by a US Destroyer……..backing up from that he told me he crossed on the QE1 to take over a Liberty ship in Baltimore MD. and it was only the first batch to be completed ( The first one turned over outside the harbour ) what I dont understand is there was no mention that he had been in Vancouver where the Ocean Venture departed from.
      Ernie Lord past away in 1978 mainly as the result of fuel oil in his lungs after his third sinking in the Med.

      • Hey Jeff, I’m doing some research on my Grandfather who also died on the ship. Is there anything I else I can find out about it being in Vancouver? I’m there now you see.

    • My Grandad lost his life on this ship “Michael kelly” an Irishman. Sad at such a young age

    • My grandad also died on this ship, Michael kelly. Although he was from Ireland. He lived in Liverpool as all the family have. So must of known each other both living in Liverpool.

  2. My uncle died on this vessel as well. His name was William Williams (Billy) 21 years old. The captain put the youngest seamen in the first life boat after the u-boat’s first torpedo hit. the second torpedo directly hit that lifeboat (according to the captain who survived the wreck).

  3. my mothers cousin Aurelio Ruiz died on this vessel He was 21 years old and I presume he was on the first life both too My Grandfather and uncle had signed on the Ocean voyager with Aurelio [ Bunty] but were told that 3 members of a family was too many on one boat so Bunty re-sign up to the Ocean Venture. The rest is history as they say !

  4. Brilliant pictures. I believe my grandfather- Michael Kelly (able seaman) died on board this ship. Heard lots of stories from my father. Great to read info on it

  5. My grandfather (Archibald Harold Shore) also died on this ship, and I am also trying to research all of the details. He was the Chief Engineering Officer. It is great to hear from so many people with a connection to this ship. If anyone knows of any other information or accounts of this tragic day, then it would be great to hear.

  6. Amazing – only just found out my mother’s uncle was on this ship – only found that my grandmother had a brother, James Seddon, a number of years after she was born. Name was never mentioned.

  7. My Great Uncle Leonard Williams from Ruthin North Wales lost his life on his ship. He was only 18 years of age.

    • My grandad “Michael Kelly” also lost his life on this ship. A young man also

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