USS OZARK galleries


330 fsw off Destin/Panama City, FL

June 4th, 2011

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  1. My father served on this ship and I was wondering how or if I could get these pics of the Ozark ?

    • karen biggs……..are you related to Danny Biggs….. from AL…???
      the shooter….
      bill L.

  2. I served aboard the Ozark 1965-1969 .i am a plank owner,meaning I was part of the first crew of the recommishing to USS OZRAK MCS -2

    • I served on her 1966- 1968 I was in M div. I also spent time on the flight deck.

    • I am also a plank owner . I am a Sk3 I also would like a pics of it.

      • I was also served on The ozark ship service sh-3 Dennis Davern

    • I served the exact same time and am also a plank owner.

      • Hi Gene … Jim Hickle here….yes we were there ….wasn’t we Gene

    • Hello AJ remember me.

  3. I served 4/68 till decommissioning, great ship enjoy her, if you get on the bridge I worked on the roof (overhead) ship fitter

  4. Went on board after MR “A” school.1966…we lived in barracks in Norfolk Va. til…she passed sea trials…..worked in machine shop.(machinery repairman )Traveled from South America ( RIO ).. to Norway (Bergen )….,carribean….made some lifelong friends…..Loved the time I spent with them…
    Bill Larson MR2

  5. I served from September 1965 until July 1969. I’m also a Plank Owner. I was in B division.

  6. I served aboard the Ozark 1968-1969.I was assigned to Boat Group and was the crane operator for the Apollo 11 Cruise. If it came down in the South Atlantic I would have picked it up.

    • hello Sn Rice from BG division. This is john jones from alabama that serve with you in bg division under BM1 wells

  7. Rode aboard her in 1967 part of IUWG 2, She supplied us a platform for our deployment . Great ship Great crew,, and possibly the best skipper in the whole fleet.. I loved this deployment and if you were a crew member at that time .. Thanks Mate !!!! God Bless the memory of USS OZARK !!!!!

  8. I went aboard on July 9th 1969, in 2nd division as a gunners mate. Stayed on board as skeleton crew waiting for it to go to yards when decommissioned

  9. hey mike i remenber that crane with you and ski on it

  10. Hey Jim really great to hear from you and know you are well. Yes we were there! I have ofter thought of you I do talk to Jim Prettyman and Paul Carlson.

  11. I was on the mighty Ozark too. I was a Plank owner as well. Hey Jim Hickle, do you remember the time the guy running the Geedunk wouldn’t take your money and you got mad and told him you’d whip his a– if he weren’t so damned big ? You and I were BT’s together with Gene Powell and Paul Carlson and other god guys.

  12. Hey Jim Hickle! How are you Buddy? You better remember me? I could tell lots of stories I got lots of memories. Hope you are doing well. You were one of the friends I made I will never forget!

  13. I served on the USS Ozark from November 1966 until July 1969. I was in second division and also spent time on the flight deck.

  14. My father, Robert M Smith Jr (Bob) served on the Ozark during the Vietnam era. Does anybody have any stories they could share? My mom and dad divorced when I was five and I’m trying to piece together what kind of guy he was (good or bad). Thank you. Oh, if it helps, he was a fire control tech

  15. Just came across this site – Served on the USS Ozark from November 1967 until February 1969 – ETR3. Good memories!

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