Posted by: mcjangles | June 1, 2008


Today the Independence II sailed with the group from the Diverision Dive Club to the schooner barge Dykes. The torrential downpour and howling wind through the night at the marina convinced me there was no way we were making it out, but I awoke to sunny skies and light breeze just as NOAA predicted. With a slight swell running the ride was smooth and short. Danny got us tied in quickly to the tip of the bow and divers wasted no time hitting the water.

Inside the Dykes bow

Reports of 20-30 feet of visibility and 46oF on the bottom came up along with some nice seabass and bags of mussels. With the encouraging report I grabbed my camera and headed in. This was my first time on this wreck so I spent some time poking about. The bow is pretty intact and comes about 20 feet off the white sandy bottom at 65 feet. The vis was indeed quite nice and bright with lots of ambient light but lots of particulate floating about which made my photography challenging (the surge didn’t help either). Towards the end of my dive I had some fun smashing mussels open for the bergalls and getting swarmed by them. Another great day of diving and Capt Dan was even kind enough to save me one of Helen’s famous pierogies, which was delicious as always.



A couple more pics

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