Posted by: mcjangles | June 9, 2008

Pinta and Immaculata

Mark Clark with a nice milk bottle on the Immaculata

Got out to the Pinta (85 fsw) Saturday and the Immaculata (100fsw) today. Great dives and weather both days from the Independence II. Visibility in the 30 foot range on both wrecks with bottom temps around 46F. Blew out my wrist seal on the Pinta so just dropped into the hold and played around with some ambient light shots before calling it short. This was my first time on the Immaculata and it’s a great wreck. Bugs and bottles everywhere. Lots of both came up, including some other odds and ends like a nice antique beer stein.

All Pinta pictures are at this link –> Pinta Pics
All Immaculata pictures at this link –> Immaculata Pics

The Pinta was carrying a cargo of lumber when she went down

Arriving on the Immaculata
This bottle is still there
This one is not 😉

Remember to clean up when you’re done

Departing the Immaculata

My bottles

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