Posted by: mcjangles | August 9, 2009


Just got back from a trip up to Shinnecock, NY.  The plan was to dive the COIMBRA, a tanker which was the 2nd ship torpedoed by the German U-boat offensive in American waters in WWII.  With much anticipation we headed out on the SIDEKICK.  Unfortunately we got turned around about half way out by some pretty ugly weather.   After some discussions on alternatives we decided to check out some numbers closer inshore.  After a quick look see and finding it tough to run lanes in the seas we had we finally ended up on the “Jug”, an old schooner barge in 135 fsw.  It’s mostly low lying wooden ribs with the only other distinguishable features I found were the winch and anchor chain pile on the bow.  Had nice conditions though with about 25-30 feet of vis and I even grabbed 2 keeper bugs.  Not the COIMBRA, but not a total loss considering the conditions.  I’ll be back up to Long Island (Montauk) later this week and am hoping the weather is better!

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