Posted by: mcjangles | August 14, 2009

Say hello to my little friend

Just a quick update… Had a phenomenal dive on the COIMBRA today (NORNESS trip diverted due to lack of interest… wtf people ?!?). The COIMBRA was awesome had about 70 feet of vis and plenty of light so hopefully I got 1 or 2 good shots. Will post some pics next week, right now I am on the Independence preparing for 2 days of diving off Jersey, but wanted to share this pic… on the way in from the COIMBRA we spotted a BIG fin in the distance and went to check it out…

Shark_ChuckCapt. Chuck snorkeling with a BIG basking shark off Long Island, NY


  1. great shot!- was a great day!-hope we get to the Norness soon!

  2. hey nice pics Brandon. havent been doing much deep stuff this year-whens the next norness trip?


  3. call chuck- bow hunting july 4th weekend!

  4. great- i have done a bunch of searching for info about the sinking- i think we will find it!

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