Posted by: mcjangles | May 1, 2011

Four of Clubs

Howdy! Well it has been a while, but should be back to  diving full swing soon enough. After several weeks of delays due to weather, finally managed to get out yesterday on the Independence II‘s season opener. Stayed inshore to do a shake down dive and dust the cob webs off and lay down a fresh layer of salt on the gear. Headed to the Axel Carlson artificial reef and dropped the shot on the Four of Clubs (ex- Megan Sue).  OC Danny had us quickly tied into the stern towing cleat so even though the visibility was 5-8 feet it was easy to navigate around the small wreck.  Temperature was 41F at 75 fsw.  The wreck lists hard to starboard and even though this tug has only been down since 2005, I was surprised how fast she is deteriorating.  Between the visibility, a leaking dry glove, and some bugs I have to work out with my new camera system I didn’t take many pics but it was still great to get back in the ocean on a beautiful Spring day!

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