Posted by: mcjangles | May 15, 2011


Diving the STOLT DAGALI never seems to get old.  When you have conditions like we did yesterday it only makes you appreciate this old girl even more.  The STOLT DAGALI was a tanker sliced in two in a collision with the ocean liner Shalom on Thanksgiving day 1964.  The bow was salvaged, while the stern section sank and has become one of the most popular dives off New Jersey. With depths ranging from 60-130 fsw, seafood galore, great penetrations, and artifact potential, there is literally something for everyone here.

Yesterday, diving off the Independence II,  conditions were awesome, with 30-40 feet of visibility with plenty of ambient light and 43 degrees on the wreck.  Deco temps were a little warmer, no one seemed to get a reading but I would guess low 50s.  A few big bags of mussels, some flounder and a lone lobster were nabbed.  Scallops were no where to be found.  Thanks to Capt Jim for sharing the wreck and letting us tie off to the stern of the Gypsy!

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Video from the dive!


  1. Great pictures and video Brandon! The mussels from the Stolt were fantastic.

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