Posted by: mcjangles | May 22, 2011


Dove the ARUNDO (130 fsw) today off the Independence II.  Had a bit of a bumpy ride on the way out with the seas coming out of the east, but once we got on site and tied in we sat nice, and smooth sailing with the following seas on the ride home.

The nitty gritty.. 43 degrees on the bottom, 53 degrees for deco, scallops everywhere and I think everyone on board who wanted scallops left with bulging bags of meat!  Conditions were very good for the ARUNDO which is on the edge of the Mud Hole with a solid 20 feet (maybe more?) of visibility and plenty of ambient light which was surprising considering how overcast it was.

I think we were near the bow but I can never seem to orient myself on this wreck too well.  Between the general scattered nature of the wreck and the usual low visibility I just do not know the ARUNDO very well and it usually takes me a while to figure things out.  Today I just ran my reel out a ways and played with video for the most part.  I thought I manged to film myself cutting an eelpout out of some mono and just as I was watching the money shot of the freed fish swimming into the distance on the LCD screen I realized I wasn’t recording at all.  Oh well, no PETA award for me, and just another fish story til I actually learn how to use this damn thing!

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