Posted by: mcjangles | June 13, 2011

Photo dive report for the week of June 4-12, 2011

This past week was one of my most ambitious adventures in diving.  Luckily everything came together perfectly and turned out to be one of my most memorable and fun trips to date!

My itinerary started with a drive to Panama City, FL to meet up with the AUE gang.  First dive of the week kicked off in spectacular fashion on the USS OZARK (330fsw)!

Next up we headed to a wreck Mike is working to identify in 340 fsw.  I splashed with Heather and Brian and could hear giddy helium pitched screeches from below telling the good news that we had found a wreck before it even came into sight!


Next up we headed to the steamer LEROY (120 fsw).  I was a little delayed in splashing and arrived to find everyone else already being productive.  I got to the bottom to find Mike M. racing towards me with an ear to ear grin with a nice bottle in one hand and a slipper lobster in the other, and  TJ already had a big red snapper on the stringer which would become an awesome dinner.

Steam engine of the LEROY

Last stop of the Panama City wreck tour before the weather turned sour was on the ex Navy tug ACCOKEEK (100 fsw).  The storms rolling through did not stop the diving though and I was able to sneak in a couple great cave dives at Jackson Blue!

Mark on the ACCOKEEK

With the Southern leg of my week’s vacation complete I headed North to meet up with Sean and Sue.  With a pit stop at home to grab some fresh clothes, and top up my tanks, it was back on the road.  This time the destination was foreign territory… Canada and some more great wreck diving in the St. Lawrence seaway.  We were able to get in a dive on the KEYSTORM (110 ffw) and 3 dives on the ROY A. JODREY (240 ffw).

Thanks to everyone who made this past week immensely enjoyable!  I will get things a bit more organized and post a bunch more photos and some videos in a bit, but for now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get some sleep 😉

Sue on the bow of the KEYSTORM

Sean by the bridge of the KEYSTORM

1000 Islands is a very scenic area

Sue on the JODREY

Sean on the JODREY

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